Understanding the Difference Between a Health and Life Coach

Understand the Difference

Many people confuse health & wellness coaches with life coaches but if you’re looking to become one, it may be helpful to understand the difference so you’re headed in the right direction

Health & Wellness Coach

The primary responsibility of this coach is to clarify an individual’s health goals, help identify obstacles, and collectively devise a roadmap to overcome these obstacles

Do I Need a Certification?

While coaching is something you can practice without any certifications and licenses, we always recommend going through a formal training to understand coaching guidelines and to add credibility to your offerings 

Life Coach

A life coach helps individuals make progress in various aspects of life such as relationship & career and aid them in building the bridge between where they are and where they want to be

Do I Need a Certification?

We highly recommend enrolling into a certification program from an accredited organization before practicing life coaching professionally

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