The Vision Board Exercise Helps Your Clients Manifest Their Dreams

What Is a Vision Board?

A Vision Board is made to serve as a reminder, motivation, and inspiration to work towards what an individual wants.

Let’s look at a few ideas for which one can use a vision board.

Financial Goals

If your client is hoping to attract more money into their lives, you can ask them to include things that they would want to buy/do/own as a result of achieving their financial goals.

Travel Goals

One can include all their travel goals, from the exact locations to the spots they wish to visit and the activity that they intend to do there.

The more specific the better.

Relationship Goals  

This can work both ways: bettering an existing relationship or manifesting a new one.

Focusing on how one wishes to ‘feel’ is more important than the actual imagery.

Happiness Goals  

This can be a general vision board, not specifically directed at attaining or achieving or owning something, but focused on whatever makes the individual feel happy, fulfilled and content.

Want to know how to help your client create their own vision board? We’ll give you the step by step!