The Legal  Requirements of  Life Coaching

ICF’s Ethical Guidelines

Although there are no legal requirements for practicing life coaching, ICF encourages life coaches to follow some ethical guidelines.

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Selecting a Business Type

Choose a business type - it could either be sole proprietorship or Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Naming & Registering the Business

Choose a business name that mirrors your brand image and register it

Registration is a must in order to open a business account and smoothen tax processes. 

Make provisions for potential risks, unforeseen events and natural calamities by getting your coaching business insured with a suitable insurance policy. 

Get Insured

Privacy policy, terms & conditions, and legal disclaimers must be part of your website, and accepted by clients while signing up for your services.

Legal Disclaimers

A client-coach legal contract is a must as well.

Client-Coach Legal Contract

This safeguards the rights of both the parties and helps keep legal hassles at arm’s length. 

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