The Leadership Coaching Process and Framework – A Guide

Even with superior technical expertise and ample resources at hand, leaders still need a coach that can enable them to become better leaders

Need for a Framework

Step 1: Contract

The first step in a leadership coaching framework is the contract between the coach, the leader and the concerned organization

Step 2: Assessment

The next step in this process is the all-round assessment by the coach of the leader through tools such as 360-degree feedback, feedforward and growth review

Step 3: Achievable Game Plan

The next step is to help the leader set timely and realistically achievable goals and chart out a feasible action plan to bridge the gap between reality and aspiration

Step 4: Application

Next comes the practical application during sessions via productive conversations resulting in next steps and transformational outcomes for the leader

Step 5: Review

Regular monitoring and reviewing of the process helps in evaluating whether the coaching is resulting in visible outcomes for the client, and taking remedial steps

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