The 4-Question Process to Help You Choose the Right Coaching Clients

To Coach or Not to Coach?

Before taking on a coachee, we recommend a coach to go through this 4-question process to see if the individual and coach are a good match.


“Is the individual coachable?” – asking this question will help you gauge whether your prospective client is ready to make changes and is open to feedback.  If the answer is yes, you move on to the next question.

Now or Later?

“Is the individual coachable now?” – this question helps you understand if the prospective client has the bandwidth in terms of time & energy to actively participate in the coaching engagement.

Picking the Right Coach

The question that follows is, “Who can coach the client?” This is applicable for leaders in organizations to figure out if an internal coach is equipped to coach them or an external executive coach would be a better fit.

Individual or Team Coaching?

When an organization is considering hiring a coach, the coach should ask, “Should the individual alone be coached or would it be more beneficial for them to be coached with their entire team?”

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