Social Media Marketing for Coaches: 7 Strategies to Success

The Power of Social Media

Brands that have a social media presence are said to experience an 88% increase in exposure and 69% increase in leads generated!

Mix It Up

Create a healthy mix of educational content, entertaining posts, interactive posts, polls, Q&A, and so on. Don't forget to repurpose content!

Share  Valuable Content

Build trust in the eyes of your audience by giving them content they’re looking for, which they will find valuable, and which will establish you as an expert in your field.

Use Storytelling

Storytelling is an art if done right can turn dry & bare-boned content into inspiring tales full of impact. Use it to make your brand more relatable.

Be Authentic

By being honest and open about your struggles, challenges & failures, you will appear a lot more authentic and relatable.

And relatability is one of the greatest secrets of selling!

Be Data Driven  

Assign varied benchmarks of success for your content, and track those metrics.

Focus on creating value while paying attention to which content performs better and why.

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