SEO Strategies for Coaching Business – Optimizing for the 2022 Google Algorithm Update

The Basics

The Google ‘Helpful Content Update’ helps readers gain access to helpful & relevant content that’s written for people, by people.

Here’s how coaches can make use of it.

Create People-First Content

Stay away from AI-generated content as much as possible and create original thought-leadership pieces to push Google to help your content perform well.

Remain in Your Lane

Create content that targets your main intended audience instead of creating content that is in demand but unrelated to your niche. 

Incorporate personal experience, expertise, and depth of (original) knowledge into your content.

Demonstrate  First-Hand Experience

Google will prioritize this over other content with curated information.

Think of all possible doubts & questions your reader may have regarding a topic and find ways to seamlessly address them in your content. 

Answer Doubts & Questions

Content is king, and it also needs to be presented like one for it to perform well!

Pay Attention to UX

So, when you create content, consider how it will look, flow, and feel to the visitor. 

If your website has a high amount of unhelpful content being written only to rank high in search, Google will penalise your whole site, not just those pieces of content.

Prune Out Unhelpful Content

Once you’ve mastered Search Engine Optimization for your coaching business, it’s time to ace social media! We’ve got all the information you need right here.