Looking to Become a Health Coach?

4 things you should know before becoming one


Add Necessary Skills

While credentials are necessary, if you have relevant soft skills, you will have greater success.

Having soft skills such as curiosity, empathy, active listening, emotional intelligence and open-mindedness make for great health coaches.


No 'Wrong' Career Background

You should not be deterred from the profession based on the idea that what you've done professionally in the past wasn't related to health coaching.

The first step is always the toughest when starting out something new and daunting.


Need for Diverse Coaches

Representation matters; clients need to be able to relate to and view the coach as a sort of health role model.

Besides experience, people look out for relatability and connection, so if you are young, there is still a demographic out there for you.


Accessible Entry

Worrying about educational hurdles and costs are normal, especially when stepping into a new career.

The good news is that the barriers are comparatively low in this field. The material is easy to inculcate with a bit of effort and practice!


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