How to Steer Your Group Coaching Programs to Success

Best Practices to Follow

To run successful group coaching programs, you need to make sure they land well with your clients. Here are 5 best practices to follow:

Have a Shared Focus

The group coaching program should revolve around a common theme.

You can then delve deeper into individual goals in smaller groups or 1:1 sessions.

Structure Your Program Into Modules

If you have a specific shared outcome for the group and have a structured methodology you apply with most clients, you can package it all into different modules.

Focus on Building a Community

People in a group coaching program with a common goal can learn a lot from each other. Set up processes that allow them to be each other’s peers and partners.

Vary Your Approaches

Group coaching involves a more dynamic approach compared to one-on-one coaching.

Be open to making small changes to your process to make space for everyone.

Use a Coaching Platform

Functions like managing goals, scheduling sessions, sharing resources, can be complex in groups.

A digital coaching platform like Simply.Coach makes it all seamless and easy.

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