How to Start a Life Coaching Business:  The Ultimate Guide

Who's a Life Coach?

A life coach helps people deal with life’s challenges and establish a strategic roadmap toward their goals If you’d like to be a life coach, read on for our tips!

Choose Your Specialization

The coaching industry is competitive, so selecting an area of specialization, or niche, is going to be imperative to stand out

Identify Your Clientele

With a selected niche, focus on who your target clientele will be, so you can take the right steps to reach out and communicate your offerings to them.

Build a Detailed Business Plan

Structure your offerings & specializations, do a cost & expense analysis, set short- & long-term goals, plan your marketing and pricing, and so on.

Consider Setup Costs & Recurring Expenses

Be ready for initial costs such as training & certification fees, buying essential office equipment, advertising & marketing charges, as well as insurance payment.

There are still many points to keep in mind while starting out on your journey as a coach, and this article covers them all!  Tap on the link below to continue reading!