How to Start a Coaching Business in 2023

Why Start a Coaching Business?

The most common reason why people opt to become coaches is that they have a natural aptitude and desire to help other people and encourage positive change

Select Your Coaching Niche

Coaching is a vast industry. Based on your interests and skill sets, decide which coaching niche speaks to you the most and then get the appropriate qualifications

Identify Your Target Clientele

Do research on what kind of people would be interested in your services and then target those who you think will be good prospective customers for your business

Boost Your Credentials

Continuously work on improving and developing your skill set so you become a master of your coaching niche

Zone in on Coaching Types

There are many types of coaching – individual, group, online or hybrid sessions – decide which works for you and then plan your programs and pricing accordingly

A Product of Revenue

While coaches selflessly help people, remember that coaching is the product you deliver to your clients and that clients are looking for a return on their investment

Get Essentials in Place

Make sure you have your basics set up – devices, internet, website, marketing strategies, even an online coaching platform to help you run your business

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