How to Start a  Career Coaching Company:  A Comprehensive Guide

Getting Started

Career coaching can be a rewarding profession, both in terms of job satisfaction and making the big bucks.

Here’s how to start a career coaching company. 

Business Plan

Create a detailed business plan that brings focus & clarity to various business aspects such as scope, expenses, revenues, clients, competition, expected roadblocks, etc. 

Business Name

Choose a name for your coaching business that will help your clients identify your services.

It should stand out in your prospect's mind!

Identify your business model:

Business Model

A sole proprietorship or a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Having a niche saves you from generalizing services.

Coaching Niche

It helps you focus on and attract ideal clients, generate more leads, and demand the right price for your services. 

Identify the coaching methodology you will be following to help clients reach their goals.

Coaching Methodology

Want to give your career coaching business a jumpstart?  Here’s the handholding that you may need.