How to Grow Your Executive Coaching Business in 2023  

With plenty of scope to grow, it all comes down to your growth strategies. Here are a few ideas:

$9.3 billion. That’s the size of just the executive coaching market in 2022!

Freebies have always been instrumental in drumming up new business.

Offering one free session to relevant small groups is a good way to grow your client base.

1. Session Giveaways

Group coaching is extremely suitable for executive coaches – you can help teams grow in alignment with the company’s goals, while working on individualized growth as well.

2. Group Coaching Engagements

A sure-fire way to scale your coaching business is by implementing marketing strategies via social media platforms, paid ads, and email marketing.

3. Multi-channel Marketing  

Although different in their outlook, the DNA of private and public sector companies are fast becoming alike.

4. Coaching in the Public Sector

Executive coaching can have great impact for public sector leaders.

Digitization and automation are a natural way to delegate tasks that take up unnecessary time and hamper your productivity.

5. Automate Tasks

Consider coaching management platforms like Simply.Coach!

Ready to save up to 30% of your time spent on admin tasks and scale your executive coaching business?