How to Become a  Leadership Coach:  A Step-by-Step Guide

Who's a Leadership Coach?

A leadership coach works closely with executives on their individual resources, limitations and goals, so the leaders can expand their business to greater height

Find Your Niche

Knowing your strengths and focusing on them can help you make the correct choices while selecting a specific niche in your journey to become a leadership coach

Prepare for the Competitive Corporate World

As a leadership coach, you will operate in the world of business. Make sure you’re fully prepared – mentally and emotionally – to tackle the high stakes business world

Know the Business Environment

A good amount of knowledge will give you the comfort of truly understanding what the executive is going through, so you can guide him/her to seek out solutions

Knowledge of Organizational Procedures and Leadership

Relying on past knowledge can only take you so far, so regular additions to the resumé through continued learning are a must

Become a Self-Example

As a leadership coach, if you are guiding your client to develop or upgrade certain traits, it is necessary that you also display them

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