How to Become a Health Coach

Who’s a Health Coach?

Health coaches are guides who motivate clients to make major lifestyle changes.

They aren’t medical doctors, mental health practitioners or dieticians.

What are the Skills Required?

The most important skill a health coach requires is a proper understanding of the healthcare industry.

Other required skills are empathy, quick problem-solving skills, etc.

A Degree is a Good Idea

Earn an associate or bachelor’s degree in health and wellness, nutrition, etc.

Make sure that the program you would opt for is in sync with your future goals.

Get Certified

“Well begun is half done”.

Although the coaching industry is unregulated, getting a relevant certificate adds legitimacy and gives you a head-start in your career.

Start  Practicing Coaching

Once you are done with earning a degree or a certificate, start giving pro-bono sessions to clients.

This would work as a good launch pad for a professional health coach.

To put your best foot forward and launch a successful career, read our article on how to become a health coach!