How To Become A Career Coach

What Do Career Coaches Do?

Career coaches help clients attain professional transformation: from helping bag a first job to overcoming professional challenges, mental roadblocks or career shifts. Here’s how to become a career coach:

Prioritise On-the-job Experience

A career coaching certificate may give you a jump-start, but it’s more important to have hands-on understanding of your job. It’s how you apply theory in real-life situations.

Focus on Soft Skills

Soft skills such as empathy, communication, attention to detail, communication, etc. are at the core of a career coach’s profession.

Identify Your Sub-niche

There plenty of career coaches in the industry; a sub-niche helps you stand out. To begin, identify your ideal client — young executives, women professionals, organisations, etc.

It’s Business Before Charity

Helping individuals in need might be the primary motivation in becoming a career coach. But it’s important to remind people your services are your livelihood and come at a price.

Do Your Homework

Have your finger on the market pulse. Identify the profit-making sectors, figure out which has maximum growth opportunities so you can help clients make informed career decisions.

If you want to become a successful career coach, we have a detailed to-do list that will help you reach new heights!