Help Your Clients Make Better Decisions With the Six Thinking Hats  

What Is the ‘Six Thinking Hats’? 

Six Thinking Hats is a tool that helps one look at their problem in six different ways, provide alternate ways of thinking about them, and offers different perspectives. 

How does It work?

Each hat is of a different colour that represents a different style or lens of thinking.

One needs to wear a hat and answer questions before moving on to the next one.

White Hat

When the client wears this hat, they need to focus on the available data and look at the bare facts in an objective manner, without any judgments.

Yellow Hat

When wearing this hat, the person needs to look at issues positively – there’s no room for negativity.

Black Hat

The Black Hat is all about being cautious and assessing risks.

By wearing this hat, one gets to explore all potential pitfalls and roadblocks, weaknesses in the plan/idea, and more.

Green Hat

When one wears this hat, there are no limitations to what they can do.

Any ideas or possibilities that would have been considered illogical or impractical are welcome.

There are two more hats and plenty more details that can help you employ The Six Thinking Hats in the most effective way with your clients!