Exploring the Anatomy of a Life Coaching Session

Objective is Foremost

Before getting into the structure of the session, it’s important to understand client expectations and establish the core objective of the session

Be supportive and guide them while encouraging an aspect of self-awareness. Be ready to shift or pivot if their situation demands

How to Make It Impactful

Leave Out Distractions

Conduct your sessions in a calm, safe and positive environment and make sure your body language, confidence and oratory skills are in tune with the client’s objectives

Assure your clients about the confidentiality of sessions and let them know that their private details are safe with you to truly help them open up about their goals and challenges

Privacy & Confidentiality

Have an open exchange with your client which will help build a strong, trustworthy and clear relationship leading them to open up to you more

Rapport Matters

The list is not over! Tap on the link below to read the remaining points that will help you structure an impactful life coaching session!