Empower Your Clients to Be More Accountable  


Learn from the Past 

Help your client reflect on the goals they've achieved successfully in the past and model those methods for the current situation 


Define Values 

Challenge your client to identify & articulate their value system and motivations – this will clarify their goals and drive them towards achieving them  


Establish a Long - Term Goal

Help your client set a long - term goal and commit to themselves to accomplish that goal  


Set Short-Term Goals 

Guide your client to break their long-term goal into smaller goals with fewer steps to make them more achievable  


Set a Timeline 

Devise a plan with your client to manage their short-term goals, whilst being mindful of what they can achieve in a certain time frame    


Create Lists 

Creating a checklist will help your client priorities tasks as well as stay organized – this will increase efficiency & the likelihood of accomplishing those goals  


Focused Work 

Help your client devote focused hours on finishing one task before addressing another – this will help avoid distractions & interruptions   


Reward System 

Set a reward system with your client – this will uplift & motivate them to approach their next tasks with a lot more enthusiasm     

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