Effective Coaching for Retail Sector Employees

Effective Ways of Retail Coaching

Let's look at 5 ways in which a retail coach can help a retail business grow and thrive.

Think sales

Store managers tend to focus the least on customer interactions.

You can introduce the GROWTH model with the aim to enhance customer experience.

Customer Needs & Perceptions

Help clients understand the importance of spending more time walking the sales floor to understand customers, and use a time tracker to keep themselves accountable.

Showcase Best Sales Practices

It’s important to instil the best practices of sales in young professionals early on.

Role playing is an effective tool when it comes to honing sales skills in employees.

Reinforce Follow-through

Identifying a plan of action is only half the job done.

It’s more important to implement the plan and the most effective tool at your disposal is an action plan and task tracker.

The retail sector usually focuses on previous mistakes and then trains their staff to mend the problem.

Introduce appreciative enquiry to focus on strengths, not errors.

Appreciative Enquiry

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