Different Types of Coaching Styles  [How to Develop One of Your Own]

Coaches adopt varied approaches for each client depending on their requirements, goals, responses and  desired outcome.  These approaches are called coaching styles.

What are  Coaching Styles?

The Different Coaching Styles

There are a number of coaching styles to choose from, such as democratic, authoritarian, holistic, visionary, and more... Here’s how you may develop a style of your own.

Create a Safe, Positive & Comfortable Environment

Want your coaching style  to be effective?  It’s important that your clients are at ease, so that they can open up effortlessly. It’s about working together with your client.

Being Non-Judgemental

Coaches never push their opinion – they ask questions & motivate clients to find solutions.  It’s important to empathize with your client and refrain from  being judgemental.

Encourage Out-of-the-Box Thinking

It never hurts trying to think of solutions that aren’t run-of-the-mill or time-tested.  Encourage your clients to deal with their problems using unconventional methods.

Let It Be  Outcome-oriented

When you start a coaching session, make sure you are moving towards a goal and not away from it.  Help the clients identify their desired objectives and figure out the required action.

Want to know more about  how to develop your own coaching style?  Read the rest of the article  to learn about other ways  to come up with your  own coaching style!