Differences (and Similarities) Between Executive and Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching = Leadership Coaching?

While many, rightly so, believe that leadership coaching is a subset of executive coaching, if you dig deeper, you will know that a subtle difference does, in fact, exist.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is aimed primarily at helping the CEOs, CFOs, Presidents, MDs upgrade themselves into better, more efficient and effective leaders.

What is the Objective?

While there can be any number and types of objectives, some of the common ones include unlocking unknown aptitudes, preparing for long/short-term challenges, cultivating strategic thought-processes, and offering a solid support system to the team.

What is Leadership Coaching?

While executive coaching is usually reserved for top-tier management, leadership coaching, on the other hand, is offered to any professional at any level of an organization

What is the Objective?

The primary aim is to promote compassionate leadership, enabling them to be an inspiration and motivation, to understand the strengths and limitations of the team, and to groom them for higher leadership positions.

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