Developing a Coaching Plan for Leaders, Teams, and Clients

What are Coaching Plans?

A coaching plan is a blue print of a coaching program.

It incorporates establishing goals, identifying barriers, figuring out solutions and implementing actions.

Purpose of Having a Coaching Plan

The entire purpose of a coaching plans is to ensure that the sessions are in line with proposed objectives.

For a client, coaching plans help strengthen their rapport with the coach.

Features of a General Client-Oriented Coaching Plan

Coaching plans can vary, but are based on a framework of acquiring client information, creating an agreement, finalising goals and an action plan, tracking sessions and results.

Coaching Plans for Leaders

Coaching plans for leaders are aimed at achieving 360-degree professional growth.

This includes strength and weaknesses assessment, routine tracking of progress, etc.

Coaching Plans for Teams

A coaching plan for leaders and for teams are more or less similar.

However, the latter majorly focuses on motivating team members to give their 100% as team players.

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