Democratisation of Coaching: What It Means for External Coaches

Data from the last 20 years or so tells us that the democratisation of coaching is only going to accelerate in the future – and that is something every coach needs to be cognizant of and prepare for in order to keep up with the times.

Coaching Cultural Shift

Apart from conducting formal coaching engagements with external and internal coaches, organizations are seeking to build a culture of coaching that trains managers and leaders to become coaches for their respective teams.

Organisational Shift

Going by data, the preference for external coaches in comparison to internal coaches is likely to go down. The cost incurred by internal coaches being much lower than external coaches as well as the cultural know-how of the organization would give internal coaches an added advantage, among other things.

What Does This Mean?

This article dives deeper into the survey that ICF did and what the results were!  Tap on the link to learn more about the democratisation of coaching and how coaching is set to evolve in the coming future!