Creating a Simple Coaching Business Plan 101

Why Do You Need a Coaching Business Plan?

A good business plan provides focus and clarity to you and other stakeholders, and gives a fair idea of what to expect in the near future, helping you stay on track

Keeps You Close to Reality

In the excitement of starting a new business, many coaches often lose track of ground realities, overestimating future success and underestimating challenges

Choose a Coaching Niche

Based on your aptitude, knowledge and experience, choose a niche that will give you the best chance for success as a coach

Do Your Research

Research the market and emerging opportunities, especially industries that have a high demand for coaching, then target an audience that can afford your services

Financial Reality

Be honest to yourself about your financial reality, which includes start-up costs, assets and liabilities, potential emergency expenses, seed capital and so much more

Be Flexible

Make your business plan flexible so if you come across obstacles, you can tweak your plan accordingly and refine it as you grow

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