Challenges of Running a Coaching Business [How to Overcome Them]

The Ever-Growing Industry

Out of 5,86,292 coaches in the world in 2019, 92% are believed to be actively coaching.  Let’s talk about common coaching business challenges and how to overcome them!

Struggle to Find Clients

Finding new clients is perhaps the most common struggle. One easy way to fix this is to do pro bono coaching and collect  testimonials in return.

A lot of coaches are  sales-averse because they  fear being too pushy.  To overcome this challenge, think of how your services can affect people’s lives in a better way.

Being Afraid of Selling

Not Having a Clear Offer

A common misconception is that “everything & anything” kind of coaches make better profits, but niching down will build you as an expert in that field instead.

Lack of Growth System

A challenge that coaches face sometimes is that they don’t have systems & processes in place – for sales, finances, administration as well as for the actual coaching.

If you’re a coach looking to create a successful coaching business, this blog is for you!  Read the rest of the article to know the challenges and solutions to overcome them!