Career Coaching Tools to Help Clients Gain Better Clarity

Bring Your Clients Results

Career coaching tools are an effective way for coaches to help clients reach their goals.

Here are 5 tools that have shown to bring great results!

‘Future Self’ Inquiries

Get your client to relax and guide them into a future state to see their future self, what their day looks like, and what they are doing to feel content & satisfied.

They can even take advice from their future selves to get answers to present dilemmas!

‘Past Self’ Inquiries

This tool can help clients who feel like they are in the wrong field or are confused at the start of their career and need help finding the right path forward.

Personal SWOT

This helps clients gain better insight into what careers may suit their strengths and identify which roles & career paths to avoid.

It also looks at the bigger picture to identify potential opportunities and threats.

Top 10 Values

Doing this exercise can help clients re-assess and identify exact aspects of their current life path that doesn’t align with their values, so they can seek changes accordingly.

Work Values Identification

This tool helps differentiate values that are important to an individual specifically in the work/career context.

This may actually be contrasting to values that are important to them in life! 

We’ve got a whole library of coaching tools that we’ve expounded in great detail in this blog post. Check it out to elevate your coaching experience and get your clients results!