Best Note Taking Apps for Coaches in 2024

1. Microsoft OneNote

It is a cross-functional notebook that helps you get organized with your notes, classifying content across sections, pages, and notebooks. 

2. Evernote

Goes beyond a notetaking app to let you create and assign tasks within a note, add due dates, flags, reminders; scan important documents and even clip and save webpages.

3. Notion

Create folders, meeting notes, get a bird’s eye-view of every current & upcoming project, customize information using labels, tags, and build pages with drag-and-drop elements.

4. Simply.Coach

A coaching management platform that goes beyond note-taking to help capture and tag notes, assign actions against each session for more consistent and trackable progress.

5. Paperbell

Another coaching management platform that offers a central repository in which to take notes for each client during sessions.

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