Best Business Coaching Tools: 2024

What are Business Coaching Tools?

What is that extra something that helps improve coaching outcomes for a client?

The answer is business coaching tools!

What Do These Tools  Help With?

They empower the coach to get incisive insights into the client’s business realities and future requirements.

Coaching Intent

A great way to gather information before an engagement, coaching intent tools help coaches grasp their client’s ambitions and desires via pertinent questions.

Goal Setting

Goal setting tools help the client set realistic, meaningful and attainable goals, whilst also bringing in accountability to make progress toward achieving them.

Budgeting Tool

Budgeting tools help business coaches get insight into a business’ expenditures and guide their clients to make decisions that will eventually boost their profits.

Customized Financial Analytics Dashboard

A great tool to create and monitor client’s business’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as income and expenditure details.

Project Management & Tracking

This tool gives the coach a way to hold their client accountable by providing a detailed and proven report of their client’s progress.

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