Best Business Coaching Tools: 2024 Guide

A business coach is a trained professional who supports and motivates business owners to bring about a transformative change in their business

Who's a Business Coach?

What are Business Coaching Tools?

Coaching tools empower coaches to get insights into the client’s business realities and future requirements, so they can guide the client to achieve greater success

Coaching Intent Tool

This is a great tool to gather information about the client before the engagement - it helps the coach grasp their client’s ambitions and goals via pertinent questions

Goal Setting

A must-have business tool that helps the client gain clarity and visualise their aims, determine the right path in order to set realistic, meaningful and attainable goals

Budgeting Tool

This tool gives business owners a realistic idea of their current and future spendings, and gives coaches an inside look into the business finances so they can guide their client

Journaling is a vital tool that allows clients to jot down their ideas, experiences, challenges, ambitions, emotions etc. and boost their self-awareness

Journal of Progress

Using these tools will help you stand out in the vast ocean of coaches. Check out the rest of the tools in this article by tapping below!