A Day in the Life of a Leadership Coach

A Glimpse

There’s no one formula to success for coaches, but here’s a glimpse at the day of Venkat, a veteran leadership coach, for your inspiration:

The Overview

Venkat follows a model called PER – Prepare, Execute, and Reflect.

This model helps him carve out his day and week in the most productive way. 


On top of preparing for the session, he conducts research on the client’s industry and the coaching industry in general.

A bit of self-study also comes in handy.

Holding sessions, note-taking after sessions, following up on clients' action plans, marketing, managing invoices...all on daily/weekly/monthly basis.


Reflection in coaching is not limited to clients only.


Venkat carves out time on a weekly or bi-monthly basis to reflect on areas to upgrade and upskill himself.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Check out the full blog post to dive deep into the details of this leadership coach’s life and get inspired from it!