9 Sources for Excellent Relationship Advice for your Relationship Coaching Clients

Books are a great source of advice for clients who like to read. You could even recommend passages from a book that are contextual to a client’s challenges.

1. Relationship books 

Relationship podcasts are a great way to consume information on the go. Clients can easily listen to your recommended podcasts on the way to work, while doing housework, and so on.

2. Relationship podcasts 

Relationship coaching is not the same as therapy, and if you come across a client who could better benefit from a therapist, it makes sense to refer them to a qualified professional you may know.

3. Therapists & psychologists 

Videos are one of the most impactful ways in which content can be consumed. Follow YouTube channels like The School of Life, Psych2Go, and The Gottman Institute to clients.

4. Relationship videos 

Encourage clients to explore articles and resources from reputable sources like the American Psychological Association (APA) and academic journals in psychology and relationship studies.

5. Academic and research-based resources 

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