Maximising coaching business growth   with email and Linkedin integration   in coaching software

As the world's largest professional network, LinkedIn provides access to a vast pool of potential clients and valuable insights into industry trends and competitor activity.

Benefits of LinkedIn integration in coaching software 

The platform enables users to plan and schedule LinkedIn posts. Additionally, Simply.Coach provides suggestions for prospective clients and helps you track trending posts in your area.

How Simply.Coach enables LinkedIn integration 

Email integration allows for streamlined communication with clients, making it easier to keep them informed and engaged. This can lead to stronger client relationships and increased satisfaction.

Benefits of email integration in coaching software

The platform allows users to upload contacts and send updates, promotional emails, and more, and makes it easy for you to schedule and send bulk emails.

How Simply.Coach enables email integration 

1. Coordinate email campaigns with LinkedIn content, with consistent messaging

Strategies for using email & LinkedIn together effectively 

2. Cross-promote services and events on both channels to reach a broader audience

3. Nurture leads and client relationships through both channels for stronger connections

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