8 Tips on How to Start Asking Better Questions  

1. Be a Good Listener  

If you don't listen properly, you may find yourself asking already-answered questions. By focusing on listening, you'll avoid asking generic questions. 

Maintain eye contact and nod to let them know you're following. 

2. Ask Your Questions Without Hesitation 

If something is unclear, ask for clarity. There are no wrong questions – especially if you're speaking to your client for the first time. 

The more clarity you seek, lesser the chances of ambiguity and confusion.  

3. Go Where the Conversation Takes You  

You may find that your conversation prompts follow-up questions. Or even unasked questions may get answered 

Try not to plan the conversation trajectory beforehand; see where the conversation is going and proceed accordingly. 

4. Use Silence to Your Advantage   

When there's silence after your client answers a question, don't feel pressured to respond immediately. 

Allow them to reflect further and provide more details. This gives you time to understand them better and ask more nuanced follow-up questions.  

5. Avoid Leading Questions 

Since a leading question assumes an answer, it doesn't leave room for the client to respond any differently. 

Keep your questions clear, simple, and most importantly, without your personal bias.  

6. Keep Your Questions Short  

A long-winded question can end up confusing your client. 

Focus on asking short, concise and open-ended questions that set the ground for clear and well thought-out answers.  

7. Start with the Basics 

You may not want to start the conservation with sensitive or tough questions. Not everyone will be comfortable to open up right away and answer those questions. 

Start by asking basic, easy questions before diving deep.  

8. Use an Appropriate Tone   

Gauge where your client is during a conversation. Based on the situation, you may need to tweak your tone. 

So, be conscious of what the situation requires and choose between a professional and casual tone accordingly.  

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