8 Qualities That Make a Coach Truly Exceptional 

Playing the Quality Game

Different coaches have different approaches to coaching.

But there are some qualities that every coach should cultivate in order to show up for clients and deliver optimal results.

Staying Driven

Without a strong reason as to ‘why’ a coach chooses to be a coach, it can become difficult to keep up the drive and rather apparent in the way they show up for their clients.

Being Non-judgmental

An essentiality in coaching is allowing the client to come up with their own solutions and assess what is right or wrong for them.

Thus, being neutral and non-judgmental is a must.

Being Compassionate

Even if you have not gone through what the client has faced (or is facing), it is vital that you are able to step into the client’s shoes and see things from their perspective.

Staying Curious  

With each client, each situation needs to be viewed from a clean slate.

A ‘curiosity’ mindset can prevent a coach from falling into the trap of copy-pasting a strategy for all clients.

Staying Authentic

For example, there are times when a coach doesn’t have an answer.

In those instances, to to let the client know the same with honesty and humility is what sets a good coach apart.

There are many skills and qualities that can help set a coach apart.  You can get a lowdown on the essential qualities in our full blog post.