7 Pain Points Coaches Face When Starting Their Business

Just as clients have their challenges, so do coaches. Pain points are the recurring roadblocks that you may stumble upon on the job.  Some common pain points are:

What are  Pain Points?

Right Intent but Wrong Mindset

Even though they may begin their coaching journey with the right intention, many coaches struggle with channelizing that towards creating a positive mindset and approach.

Missing out on Clients’ Pain Points

A very common problem with a lot of coaches is their inability to weave their coaching program around the pains, frustrations, needs and goals of their clients.

Communication Gap

What many coaches miss out on is building a solid rapport  with their clients.  Effective communication is as essential as breathing to any coaching engagement.

Lack of Well-Defined Promotional & Marketing Strategies

 You could be an excellent coach. You know that!  But you might need help in being able to communicate it to your potential clients. .

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