7 Characteristics That Make for a Good Leadership Coach

Leadership Coach

Essential Attributes for a Coach

While the question, “What are the characteristics of a good leadership coach?” seems basic, there are, however, some essential qualities a coach must aim to imbibe.


If your client isn’t clear with their thought process, as a coach it is paramount to listen attentively with compassion and empathy, and not lose patience.


Dig Deeper

With empathy and active listening, you should be able to guide your coachee to dig deeper into the subject matter.


Weave Sessions Seamlessly

A coach should be able to connect the gap between two sessions by using anecdotes & threads from previous conversations, making the coaching journey seamless.


Take Lots of Notes!

To help make the coaching journey seamless, taking notes is great practice, especially immediately after a session.  This helps the coach capture subtle nuances & insights while they are still fresh, which can be referred to later.


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