6 Ways to Get Your Clients to Pay Coaching Fees on Time

Better On-Time Than Late

A common problem coaches face is getting their clients to pay their fees on time.

We’ve got a few handy tips for you to try if you're on the same train.

Establish Clear Terms & Expectations  

In conversations and contracts, state all terms and conditions about payments as explicitly as possible.

Setting the tone at the beginning will go a long way! 

Put a Late-fee Clause in the Agreement

Enforcing a penalty on those who pay late will encourage clients to make timely payments.  

Offer Incentives

Reward those who make early payments!

Positive reinforcements in the form of discounts or bonuses encourage clients to continue timely payments.

Simplify Payments

Offer multiple payment plans and flexible billing cycles that may be triggering delayed payments.

Allow clients to pay fees in ways that are comfortable to them.

Take Partial Payment Upfront

This model is worth a try especially if you wish to reduce the number of no-shows and non- or late-payments to coaching programs.

Set Up  Reminder Emails

Having a series of reminder e-mails can drastically reduce late payments!

You can have templates for early reminders, same-day reminders, as well as for late payments.

Want to get your hands on payment reminder e-mail templates you can plug & play for your coaching business?  Swipe up!