6 Ways to Empower Your Client to Treat & Handle Burnout at Work

01. Pay Attention to Feelings

Feelings are powerful clues to what is important to your client, so guide them to pay attention to their feelings when they arise


02. Examine Boundaries

Help your client have control over their time and resources by guiding them to say "no" to commitments they have no time nor energy to complete


03. Work-Life Balance

Positive outlets can help your client get through stressful times at work, so encourage them to find interests they truly enjoy outside of work


04. Keep Work at Work

Setting and sticking to a work schedule can allow your client to handle important priorities in their personal life in a more balanced and healthy way 


05. Share with Your Manager

Empower your client to have a conversation with their manager, which might help to make a difference in how they  experience their workplace 


06. Practice Mindfulness

Creating a to-do list helps to set priorities so assist your client to make one which also includes a 10-min break of checking in with themselves


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