6 Time-Consuming Coaching Business Processes to Automate for Efficiency

Setting up free lead magnets are a great way to capture leads, while an automated email drip will help nurture them into becoming paying clients.

Lead capturing & lead nurturing

By automating social media posting, you can create your content in advance and schedule the posting, and also receive automatically generated periodic performance reports.

Social media execution

Preparing contracts, mailing them to the client and filing them takes time and effort, and the same goes for invoices and payment collection. All of this can be automated.    

Sending contracts & collecting payments  

Automated onboarding helps get the client excited about the coaching journey, set expectations appropriately, and prepare both the coach and the client for the journey.

Client onboarding

An automation software can automatically track goals, send reminder nudges and session invites, send digital coaching tools and collect & collate responses, and so much more!

Client management

As you scale, automation-enabled platforms can help manage a larger volume of incoming prospects and set up packages and subscriptions, without having to trade time for money. 


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