5 Ways To Be More Disciplined As A Coach  

1 Write Out Your Goals 

Make a note of where you want to be in two, five or even eight years, and hang it as a visual reminder somewhere you'll see it each day. 

You know the drill!  

2 Practice Prioritizing  

Multiple coaching calls and personal responsibilities can take a toll on even the most experienced coach. 

Make a to-do list, rank tasks by priority and cross them out as you accomplish them.  

3 Know Your Weaknesses   

Acknowledge where you struggle. Take cognizance of your distractions, and consciously take steps to put them away while doing important tasks. 

Don't let yourself get in your own way.  

4 Get External Support  

We all need that extra push every now and then. Whether it's friends, family (or another coach!), they can help keep you on track and support you when things get tough. 

Don't be afraid to reach out for help when you need it.  

5 Change Your Perspective   

Even the best of coaches stumble and make mistakes, and sometimes it can be during a coaching session as well. 

Post session, focus on what you did well and what you can do differently next time.  

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