5 Ways of Leveraging Instagram for Business as a Coach in 2024

Instagram’s reach and engagement make it a popular social media channel among professional coaches.

Here are 5 ways to leverage Instagram for Business:

1. Creator Account

You can transform your business or personal Instagram account into a creator account and get access to features and tools that help manage your online presence better.

2. Instagram Feed

With Feed, you can share your brand story through engaging content, promoting your coaching services and packages, and inspiring your audiences to connect with you.

3. Instagram Stories

This is where less is more. You can grab your audiences’ attention effortlessly through crisp, snackable and fun content pieces (videos and images) called Instagram Stories.

4. Instagram Direct

This is an in-app messaging feature that allows prospects to connect with you. It also comes with automation so you can respond to several people, quickly.

5. Instagram Reels

Reels helps build and grow a loyal community, get on with trends and collaborate with other coaches to create rich content.

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