5 Things Not to Do in Coaching Sessions

Coaches Make Mistakes!

There are some common coaching mistakes to be wary of at the beginning of your journey as a coach.

Let's have a look:

Talking More Than Listening

As a ground rule, the coach must listen more than speak and remain in the ‘coach’ zone, instead of straying into the ‘advisor’, ‘counsellor’, ‘consultant’ or ‘mentor’ zone

Not Setting Clear Ground Rules & Expectations

The coach needs to have a conversation with the client before the engagement officially begins, and come to a consensus about what the client can expect from the coach

A coach assuming that they fully know a client based on solely their role or industry, background, or experiences with similar clients, can come in the way of client results

Making Assumptions About a Client

A coach needs to ask the client simple and clear questions. Asking close-ended or leading questions is a big no-no

Asking Leading Questions

Sticking to a process and forcing the client to take a particular route instead of following the client & their unique path is a serious coaching mistake

Being Too Rigid  With a Methodology

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