5 Steps to Help Your Client Prepare for Feedback


Clarify Purpose of Feedback  

Help your client understand why they're asking for feedback 


To gain an accurate picture of what they're doing well and the areas where they can improve 


Identify Relevant Sources 

Help your client choose people they interact with most 


To ensure that the insight and data they gather is accurate, relevant and useful for them  


Help your client ask open-ended questions that allow for further exploration 


To ensure that the questionnaire is aligned with their goals in order to get applicable feedback  

Prepare Questionnaire Beforehand


Help your client be open-minded about getting feedback 


To become aware of how they're being perceived and take it in a positive & constructive manner  

Receive Feedback as a Gift 


Help your client be clear on what they'll do with the feedback 


To organise the feedback and make a step-by-step process to implement it in quantifiable ways  

Accumulate Feedback + Follow-Through 

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