5 Proven Email Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Coaching Business  

You Don’t Have to Be ‘Salesy’  

We’re here to show you how to do email marketing right and grow your company without having to “sell” your services. 

1. Offer a Lead Magnet of Value

Think of a problem that your target audience has and create a solution-driven resource that they will give their email ID to receive - it's a great way to grow your subscriber base.

2. Segment Your Receivers and Customize Content

Segmenting = breaking up your overall email list into smaller groups, say by age or location. Then, email each segment customized content to increase engagement.

3. Create Automated Email Sequences 

Once you get someone's email ID, sequential emails should nurture them toward becoming a client/repeat client/brand loyalist.

Swipe to the end - our blog post outlines this in detail.

4. Set Up a Referral Email Campaign

Using an email sequence, you can ask your customers to connect you with 5 people in their network who could benefit from your services, in exchange for an incentive.

5. Have a CTA in each email

The use of automated online training management software is a great way to bring in efficiency and accountability, while reducing your administrative work.

Need more information?  Get the details to these strategies in our blog post!