5 Offbeat Marketing Strategies for Relationship Coaches

These can be a combination of coaching sessions, workshops, and relaxation activities, providing singles as well as couples unique and transformative experiences.

1. Immersive workshops & retreats 

With webinars and online courses, you can attract clients seeking a more hands-on yet less intense approach to relationship coaching.

2. Webinars & online courses 

Quizzes and challenges create engagement, build a sense of community, and provide the audience a taste of your coaching expertise.

3. Digital media: Quizzes, polls & challenges 

Videos where you tackle common relationship issues, answer viewer questions, and provide practical tips is a great way of generating leads for your business.

4. A YouTube channel  

Collaborating with influencers or social media personalities who have a large following in the niche is a great marketing strategy for a relationship coach.

5. Strategic collaborations  

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