5 Obstacles Preventing You From  Making a Full-Time Living as a Coach

And how to overcome them

Unclear Offer

If you are unclear about what you want to offer, your target audience will never be convinced. This includes your services and your limitations.

The offer must be clear and should address a specific problem.

Poor Targeting

To be recognised as an expert, it is easier to focus on a specific area of expertise. This constitutes your niche.

In the same way, you will have to precisely determine your target audience

Undefined Strategy

It is necessary to set up a  well-defined marketing strategy  in order to attract the target audience.

Establishing a strategy allows you to align your values with the different communications you will carry out to make yourself known.

Lack of Self-Confidence

Not feeling legitimate can block you from taking on projects that are in your area of expertise. This prevents you from evolving and also developing your business.

Thus, it is necessary to work on yourself in order to gain confidence.

Conflicting Feelings Around Money

The fact that helping someone else is requires charging them can often become a barrier for a coach.

To overcome this, you need to work on your beliefs around money and think in terms of the value you are adding to their life.

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