5 Key Attributes of the Leader as a Coach

Shift in Thinking

Decades ago, leaders were expected to set goals and a pace for their team. Now, a good leader coaches the team to help them realize their true potential

Asking Open-Ended Questions

Managers with a coaching mindset ask open-ended questions that allow their team members to open up and hold a fruitful conversation toward growth

Providing Structure to the Team

A successful manager provides structure to their team, designed with the aim to accomplish a certain end goal or solution


A good manager helps set a reasonable number of goals that are not only articulated in simple terms, but also achievable, measurable and time-bound

Team Work

The manager as a coach needs to allow team members to arrive at their own solutions in addressing challenges, creating autonomy within the team

Not Infallible

A good leader knows that they are not infallible and while they provide feedback to their team members, they also elicit feedback in order to become a better leader

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