5 Growth Mindset Myths Debunked  

What are Fixed & Growth Mindsets?

Fixed Mindset

Growth Mindset 

I can't do this, I give up

I don't have the skills for this so I shouldn't even try

I can't do better than this

Let's look at other options

This isn't an easy task but I'm ready to take it up

Am I really doing my best?

Challenges help me grow

I can't do better than this

Myth #1  

Mindsets Are Either/Or

When we learn about Fixed and Growth Mindsets, the tendency is to identify with one or the other. But usually, mindsets aren't an either/or affair.

Most of us sit on a spectrum somewhere in between a Fixed & Growth Mindset.

Myth #2  

An Organization Can Have a Mindset 

Organizations are made of many people, and each individual has their own mindset.

An organization can seek to foster and develop growth mindset but an organization cannot have a single mindset.

Myth #3  

Growth Mindset is the Same as Positive Mindset 

Growth mindset doesn't mean simply having a positive outlook.

It's also about accepting reality the way it is, believing in the potential for betterment and being willing to put in the work towards a desired outcome.

Myth #4  

Growth Mindset = Immediate Positive Results 

A person with a Fixed Mindset isn't excluded from success, nor is one with a Growth Mindset guaranteed to see results.

It's also subject to the motivation to improve, a commitment to personal growth and being invested in achieving results.

Myth #5  

Everyone Can Achieve Anything & Everything 

Growth Mindset doesn't equate to the possibility of achieving everything.

While one's innate potential may be limitless, the ability to control everything isn't always possible – which can impact what they're able to achieve.

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