5 Fundamental Management Skills to Have  

1 Coordinating 

One of the key roles of the manager is to develop functional, cohesive teams. 

These teams work independently and it's on the manager to ensure that all team members have the resources and skills needed to achieve their goals. 

2 Directing  

A vital part of a managerial role is directing – delegation, reviewing work, quality control and managing timelines. 

Good communication at the core of providing proper direction.  

3 Leadership  

Not all are born leaders, so it is important for a manager to continuously work on their leadership skills. 

A leader sets the tone for the team, reaches out for feedback, acknowledges efforts and delegates strategically.  

4 Organizing  

Having stellar organization skills helps managers not only to stay efficient, meet deadlines and reduce stress, but also oversee multiple projects with varied timelines and deadlines 

5 Planning   

One significant responsibility of a manager is to meet objectives. To meet these goals, a manager must develop a plan. 

Seeing the bigger picture and how different elements funnel into one another is a helpful skill to hone.  

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